Remember ASP???


do you remember ASP or Application Service Providing? It was one of those hype topics in IT before SOA, IaaS, or the thing you are just thinking about came into the headlines. The idea was to host your applications no longer on your local box but to put it in the cloud (which was not named that way back then). On your local machine you would only see the UI. So, all data and installation efforts would recide on the hosters side.

Well, it never came to real popularity. I guess the technology was simply to clunky, the network bandwidths to shallow. I know quite a selection of companies founded around this which died off againi or do something completely different now.

All of sudden, our architect Richard Droscher mentioned Amazon Work Spaces ( I had a kind of a deja vu. But it all makes sense now. If you combine it with Intel’s announcement to support Chrome OS with every fiber of its heart (at least sounds like And the Android robot (which looks like a swing top recycling bin – sorry) is present at any Intel booth between here and Alpha Centaury. Sometimes my impression was that not Google but Intel owns Android.

Combining a workplace for US$ 280 as the Dell Chromebook 11 with this Amazon offer sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Those devices are actually cheap and rigid enough to be used in nearly any environment – not only as a PC replacement. Say goodbye to cash registers and what not.

They also have a bit of local storage to let them survive some network glitches in a single usage scenario…

Will we see the revival of ASP??