Fire all managers… well, better not so radical…


I saw a lot of discussion recently in the manager versus leader thing. I would not go so far as he does but you need to have a balance. From what I see, business becomes less integrated and more of supply chain management. Here I see the major field for managers today. It will be less the classical management as it is written in the standard MBA books. What is sure is, you need leaders or intrapreneurs!!

My personal impression is that still a lot of company cultures do not reflect this fact. Those intrapreneurs or leaders are not easy to handle with. They show a lot of energy, they tend to have ideas which explode the status quo. Then there are articles that you should not tolerate divas in teams. Sorry for my French: Bullshit!!!

You need to have a few of them. They need to be treated with care and respect. And you as their manager need to make sure they treat their environment with respect. Sometimes you need to let them run ahead and then make sure they come back lead the crowd to the new fields they discovered. You need to encourage people to become a leader in their field. And you need to train them that everybody can be leader and will a leader when the time comes. It is all about taking leadership and giving it to others to follow.

This means that you accept (1) that there is not the universal expert; (2) everybody is leader and a follower; (3) this includes the upper ranks; (4) this can only work if you have a clear communicated and widely supported vision; (5) learn, coach, teach…



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