Fire all managers… well, better not so radical…


I saw a lot of discussion recently in the manager versus leader thing. I would not go so far as he does but you need to have a balance. From what I see, business becomes less integrated and more of supply chain management. Here I see the major field for managers today. It will be less the classical management as it is written in the standard MBA books. What is sure is, you need leaders or intrapreneurs!!

My personal impression is that still a lot of company cultures do not reflect this fact. Those intrapreneurs or leaders are not easy to handle with. They show a lot of energy, they tend to have ideas which explode the status quo. Then there are articles that you should not tolerate divas in teams. Sorry for my French: Bullshit!!!

You need to have a few of them. They need to be treated with care and respect. And you as their manager need to make sure they treat their environment with respect. Sometimes you need to let them run ahead and then make sure they come back lead the crowd to the new fields they discovered. You need to encourage people to become a leader in their field. And you need to train them that everybody can be leader and will a leader when the time comes. It is all about taking leadership and giving it to others to follow.

This means that you accept (1) that there is not the universal expert; (2) everybody is leader and a follower; (3) this includes the upper ranks; (4) this can only work if you have a clear communicated and widely supported vision; (5) learn, coach, teach…



“Game of Thrones” is written on a DOS machine and what this really means…


I found this:

First thought: I my god! Second thought: He is right!!

Let’s see it from his perspective. He wants a machine that focusses on text production. Why on earth does he need a graphical user interface?? He does obviously not care about WYSIWYG because the process here is focused on pure production only. No formating, no printing. He reduced the work environment to support the process at its best.

I had to think on diving computer again….




Remember ASP???


do you remember ASP or Application Service Providing? It was one of those hype topics in IT before SOA, IaaS, or the thing you are just thinking about came into the headlines. The idea was to host your applications no longer on your local box but to put it in the cloud (which was not named that way back then). On your local machine you would only see the UI. So, all data and installation efforts would recide on the hosters side.

Well, it never came to real popularity. I guess the technology was simply to clunky, the network bandwidths to shallow. I know quite a selection of companies founded around this which died off againi or do something completely different now.

All of sudden, our architect Richard Droscher mentioned Amazon Work Spaces ( I had a kind of a deja vu. But it all makes sense now. If you combine it with Intel’s announcement to support Chrome OS with every fiber of its heart (at least sounds like And the Android robot (which looks like a swing top recycling bin – sorry) is present at any Intel booth between here and Alpha Centaury. Sometimes my impression was that not Google but Intel owns Android.

Combining a workplace for US$ 280 as the Dell Chromebook 11 with this Amazon offer sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Those devices are actually cheap and rigid enough to be used in nearly any environment – not only as a PC replacement. Say goodbye to cash registers and what not.

They also have a bit of local storage to let them survive some network glitches in a single usage scenario…

Will we see the revival of ASP??




PC Mechanic – Fix and Clean Your Machine



What are the things you do the most with your PC nowadays?? On the one side it is a working machine. This starts with doing your taxes (I am German, I know what I am talking about), maybe some studies, calculations, planning, online banking, ordering stuff online. You do lots of Email because the PC – to be honest – still is the best machine to do mails as it has a keyboard, a function clipboard, and lots of local storage. You store and sort the myriads of pictures, do a bit of post processing before uploading some of them somewhere. And finally you browse the web, do some gaming, social networking, watch videos, and much more. The killer application is the browser for sure. Here the focus shifts from the building IE to Chrome. But, most people underestimate how often they still use IE as a build in function of Windows. A lot of the functions above are supported by local applications helping you to use the additional capabilities only your PC has: Screen real estate, hard disk space, CPU power, comfortable input devices, clipboard, and the like.
As a user, some typical problems arise: Managing your disk space, especially when you work a lot with web browsers. You naturally generate junk files. So what you can ask? You have a terra byte of space. Well, having a few movies lying around as junk will show significant impact. Installing (and de-installing) local software leaves entries in the registry. Should not happen but still does. Assignments how to handle certain file types are a typical problem while the assigned handler does not exist anymore.
Last but not least, it is good from time to time to swipe things like cookies of your browsers. Maybe you want to get rid of the stored passwords in the browser. While it is certainly no final guarantee for total privacy, it helps a bit.


We were asked to build a product within 2 months to address this. So we started a project which we internally called Wolverine. It was a cross functional project involving sales, design, development, testing, and product management. It was an intense time as you can imagine but we made it. We tested thoroughly with dozens of man-weeks of testing. It was hard work but also fun to do. I hope the product shows it.

Time to say a little THANK YOU to the team:

  • Mike – Technical lead and heart and soul
  • Jorike, Daniel, Malcolm – Design is  more than pretty colours, I guess 😉 But we should have used some Comic fonts…
  • Damian – Make the thing a product is what you did…
  • Gilbert – We did it for you … and for thousands of customers 😉
  • Developers in Kiev and Malta – You made it a reality…
  • Testers in Kiev and Malta – Gave us a hart time but that’s your job 😉

PC Mechanic – Fix and Clean Your Machine is the result. We followed the idea to build a product that helps you fix typical problems on your machine by opening up the wealth of opportunities you have. And we had the clean verb in mind. Cleaning not only unwanted files, shadow copies, and the like but also looking into what we can do from a privacy perspective.
We also wanted to cater two types of PC users: The interested, technically skilled user. Somebody who treats the PC as her or his hobby. We are sure, they want to see details and have additional functions because they know what they are doing. And then we wanted to cater the user that simply wants it auto-magically happening. Looking for the one-click solution. Knowing that it might not be the ultra-ultimate but save and good. Both of you will find something in this product.
Please try it and give us feedback. And if you are a Mac user, we have something down the same line in a product called Machanic… No, the names are just by chance 😉